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EON fired Bio - Medical Incinerator consists of a primary chamber for combustion to a temperature of 800± 50°C, secondary chamber for post combustion of flue gas to a temperature of 1050±50°C and setting chamber ensure the flue gas to take a 'U' turn, so that a residence time to one Sec, at the secondary chamber is assures and it is made possible to set maximum ash. High pressure oil burner with in built oil pump fd fan auto-ignation system etc. provided in primary chamber ensures proper combustion. Another burner provided at the secondary chamber raises the temperature to 1050±50°C. The floor mounted control panel provided will have electrical accessories, one digital temperature indicator and two digital temperature indicating controllers. Controllers will separately control the temperature of primary and secondary chambers at two per-set temperature

Two charging doors are provided at different height. upper on is for loading wet waste and lower on is for dry waste. there are 2 sets of grates one made out cast iron and other made od AISI 310 SS ID Fan provided will accelerate the exhaust of flue gas. This ensures sufficient air supply for combustion and reduce fuel consumption. perfect combustion and maximum of sufficient quantity of air result in more than 3% oxygen in the stack gas. ID fan will also dilute the flue gas and reduce flue gas temperature. ID fan ensure a negative pressure within chamber to provide safety for the operator.

Digital Temperature Indicating Controllers control the temperature of primary and secondary chambers independently. manual control also is possible in case of emergency. Ash removal doors provided will also permit fresh air to dilute the flue gas and cool the grates. Chimney: As per the Pollution Control Board norms, a chimney of minimum 30 M height is recommend. Cyclone separators and scrubber can be provided as optional extra if needed


Size :

3600 MM L X 1600 MM W X 2300 MM H

Power Supply :

440 V X 3 Ph x 50 Hz

Max. Operating Temp :

Primary Chamber - 9500 C Secondary Chamber- 11500 C

Grates :

SS 304 M aterials

Emission standards Assured :

Particular matter 1 70 mg/ N m 3 Nitrous Oxides - 145 mg/N m3 HCi -55 mg / Nm3 Volatile Organic Compound - 0.01 % Combustion Efficiency- 99%

Fuel used :


Firing system

Firing system includes three Burners within built ignition arrangement, X-mer, FD Fan etc. Burner provided fully automatic..

Control panel

Control panel provided will have indicating lamps, switches, temperature controllers, temperature indicator, and contactors over load relays etc. .


SS 304 3MM VENTURA type Scrubber with necessary re- circulation water pump, tang etc.

General Medical Incinerators

Highly powerful, robust and efficient Incineration system specifically designed to dispose of the higher volume type Category O to 2 wastes with low density and low to medium moisture contents. These systems are primarily used for the higher capacity burn rates to suit higher volume wastes such as surgical dressings, bed linen, mattresses etc. With burn rates up to 150kg/ hour and proven to be highly effective and fuel-efficient.

Hot Hearth Incinerators

Highly powerful, robust and efficient Incineration system specifically designed to dispose of Category 2, 3 and 4 type red bag wastes with high density and high moisture contents. These systems are designed to obtain maximum benefit from Addfield's hot hearth technology ensuring any energy that is created is utilised to destroy the waste. Highly effective and very fuel-efficient with high and low capacity burn rates to suit any application.

EON INCINERATOR Is supplied with Primary chamber, Secondary chamber, Ash collecting chamber, Control panel, I D fan, Oil Burner, SS 304 Scrubber, 30 M eter tall tower, Chimney. .

Temperature Control

Two Digital Automatic Temperature Controller wi ll i nd icate the temperature and switch- off the Burner When the set temperature is attained and will get switched-on when the temperature drops the set temperature. This is done severally in primary and secondary chambers..


The Secondary chamber is laying with 1S8 Fire bricks and other chambers with 1S6 and insulated in fire clay insulation bricks.


Five doors are provided, one for low moisture content waste, one for high moisture content waste, one for ash removal two number for air dilution


FiChamber outer shell is made out of MS structural, sheets etc. and the equipment is lined and formed three chambers. The primary chamber is designed to operated at 900 C. and Secondary chamber to heat the fluegas 11 0OC The chambers are designed in such a way that flue gas takes a " U" turn through seconda ry chamber and ash setting chamber, so that" one second residence of flue gas is assured in the secondary chamber and the ash suspended in the flue gas is set in the ash setting chamber

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